10 Great Films About LGBT People

Girls with a special bond? Boys having casual sex? A queer looking for love? This list has it all, scroll down and find the ten LGBT movies that caught our attention.

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    2013, Stacie PassonA wife discovers her lost femininity when she hits her head. As she starts sleeping with countless women, she finds her life can't only be about her household.

  2. 2

    Brokeback Mountain

    2005, Ang LeeTake the journey to discover the secret life of two gay cowboys through the years and see how they try to hold up their forbidden relationship hidden.

  3. 3

    Blue is the Warmest Colour

    2013, Abdellatif KechicheA cinematic gem about two girls who meet in a lesbian bar. Love, struggle and the constant search of one's true self is what got us into this film.

  4. 4


    2011, Andrew HaighWhen a handsome Brit gets drunk you don't think he will go straight to a gay club. But main character Russel does, and he comes to find what he least expects - love.

  5. 5

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    2001, John Cameron MitchellA punk-rock musical with a twist. Trans vocalist from Berlin tours the U.S. in search of a former band mate who stole her songs as we learn more about her life.

  6. 6

    High Art

    1998, Lisa CholodenkoWhat about when it doesn't start with love? Two lesbians in the magazine business exploit each other to further their careers but along the way, things change.

  7. 7


    2007, Johan MarkowitzTopless boys and a good story. A young boy finds his shelter in the arms of his best friend's brother while trying to figure out life.

  8. 8

    When Night is Falling

    1995, Patricia RozemaTwo opposites attract - a conservative university teacher and a liberal carnival woman have a faithful encounter leading to a hot relationship of self-discovery.

  9. 9

    Beautiful Thing

    1996, Hettie MacdonaldAnother British classic in which two boys discover 'beautiful things' when life makes them share the same bed.

  10. 10


    2005, Martin CurlandA light-hearted comedy about a person who finds out they can change sex at will. Issues of gender identity and acceptance mixed with humor make up a good film.

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